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dancing_frog.gif (7817 bytes)Hot Business Prospect and Discount Sales

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1. We have a huge quantity of "Walet" Bird Nest.

High quality,

Grade A,

and we guarantee for that. Remember, payment in cash.

Sample Available


2. We have an opportunity to export paper products, such as books, writing paper, printing paper from Indonesia to Chicago. We have a contact in there, and will pay the papers by cash.

Interested party should send us the product specification, included:

1. Size
2. Weight
   3. Chemical Contents
4. Price


3. For Sale, Founder Membership Klub Golf Bogor Raya.

Included several facilities, such as:

1. Fitness Centre

2. Discount at Novotel Bogor

3. Golf

4. Other Recreation Facility

Offered Price : ONLY Rp. 65.000.000,-


Call to:

Deddy Adisudharma

PT. Mediatama Strategi Cipta

Ruko G 13, Bintaro Jaya IX

Jakarta Selatan 15229

Tel. 0816.192.9015


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